Peak Wellness Group was created to empower you to reach your goal of peak wellness through epigenetics, nutrition & great lifestyle choices.

We offer local or online, and group or individual counseling models. Thanks to modern technology like Zoom, Skype and Facetime, we can meet with anyone, anywhere!

Kara Krueger, our board certified nutritionist, offers over 15 years experience in the field of nutrition and wellness.

Kara is educated in the cutting edge practice of epigenetic counseling which enables her to understand YOUR genetic blueprint and personalize a nutrition and lifestyle program based on your specific health needs.

Meet Kara, Your Epigenetic Counselor/Nutritionist

Kara Krueger BCNC, CNHP, has been helping people reach their Nutrition goals since 2005, and brings many years of counseling in the fields of addiction and mental health as well.

She is always passionate about the solutions to be found and the many ways the body, mind and spirit are seeking balance.

Kara is a Board Certified Nutrition Counselor, certified by the National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals and Trinity School of Natural Health; and is educated as an Epigenetic Counselor with the Apeiron Academy.

Kara’s Story

From my earliest memories, I cannot recall a time of feeling healthy or balanced. I was aware that other people, especially other kids seemed to be much happier and able to have energy and a true enjoyment in life that I didn’t experience. I was intuitively aware of many things that I did not fully understand, like the unhappiness my mother carried, or the stresses being experienced around me…..and this too affected my health and happiness, for I carried it like my own.

I didn’t grow up in a place where we talked about health, or how we felt, and so I was mostly quiet about my stomach always hurting, and being chronically tired, constipated, and even sad or troubled by what felt like an always heavy body and mind. I was aware though, that many other people did not appear to feel like me, and I counted myself as different, even broken.

The teen years were an even greater struggle, and young adulthood would find me struggling with addiction as a response to life becoming more painful with traumas that come when we are crashing into the world way too young, and absent of guidance.

It would take until my early 30’s for me to begin connecting with solutions and some form of hope. I never really planned on living past 30, and at some points I was certain there could be no remedy for the many ways I felt hopeless and broken in all areas of life, especially the weight of my physical health that did not, by the way, get better for the years of harsh experience and true lack of self care.

As I began unwinding the earlier pain and poor messages from my childhood, life began showing me how to utilize my experience and intuition to help others, first working in addictions and mental health, and soon after connecting with nutrition and studies that would help me to unravel much of my health challenges.

It was such a relief to discover natural options to revive my body from diseased patterns and nutrient deficiencies. I had a lifetime of adrenal fatigue, poor digestion and gut issues, a tired liver, immune challenges and a malnourished brain!

The great news is there were solutions to all of this and I ran after them all, with the help of some amazing practitioners that were part of my inspiration to further pursue becoming a nutritionist. It is so easy to frantically run in the direction of anything that might sound like relief, and throw money at supplements and the many different regimens to try, without good guidance.

I found myself in a place of better health than I had ever known or even thought possible, and I had been shown the many ways our amazing bodies are always working for us, and letting us know what they need. But it still felt like something was missing. For the many ways I felt better, and was grateful, I sensed that there had to be more…. better energy, more happy days, and relief from what seemed like a heaviness. I began learning about Epigenetics and how understanding our genetic strengths and challenges can unlock many long hidden mysteries.

I found the missing keys to my health and unlocked so much vital information to truly understanding my unique design, and how to optimize my health! I am, in my mid fifties, enjoying the greatest health and happiness of my life! The greatest joy is to see others find the same possibilities when we discover their hidden keys as well. We truly do heal, and the possibilities are incredible!