What Our Clients Are Saying

“A true blessing”

“Peak Wellness group has been truly a blessing! After a very difficult 3 years of health I finally have answers to questions that nobody seemed able to solve. To be able to understand ones health from a genetic point of reference is truly getting to the root of the issue. . . .”

– Julie Young.

“Great changes in my health”

“In such a short time my cholesterol levels returned to normal, liver function is better, and I feel great. Kara’s nutrition program helped me make great changes in my health.”

– Mike G.

“Found her food allergies”

“The teachers were always complaining about my daughter not being able to sit still and focus in school. The doctors were ready to put her on medication when Kara found her food allergies and taught me about sugar and how important diet is for kids.”

– A. P.

“Hot flashes are gone!”

“My hot flashes are gone, I am sleeping better at night, and my daytime energy has increased.”

– B. M.

“Changed our whole outlook on life”

“Whole food supplements and nutritional guidance has changed our whole outlook on life, and the way we eat.”

– K. L.

“My saving grace through menopause”

“Kara’s thoughtful assessment, practical approach and vast knowledge has been an incredible asset to myself and my family. . . Kara’s expertise in hormone therapy will be my saving grace through menopause!

– Amy K.

“Helped me lose weight”

“Kara’s nutrition and purification program helped me to lose weight and get my system cleaned up and functioning better.”

– D. F.

“Gave me the tools to push forward”

“. . . Peak Wellness Group did my profile, which was a mapping of my personal DNA, and gave me the tools to push forward with the individual knowledge that is needed for me and only me. . .”

– Doc Farrow,
Actor, Comedian & Producer